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Fun Way to Avoid Watching the Election

Tyler Schrick's Crossword Puzzle
Algebra II Honors
3rd period
A transformation in which a graph or geometric figure is picked up and moved to another location without any change in size or orientation
An equation or a system of equations representing real world phenomena. No space in between the words
An angle on the interior of a plane figure. No space in between the words
Describes a set which does not have an infinite number of elements
An equation relating the lengths of the sides of a right triangle. No space in between
A quantity that can change or that may take on different values
A mathematical sentence built from expressions using one or more equal signs
A technique for distributing two binomials
The point halfway between two given points
A standardized way of writing real numbers. No space in between the words.
A corner point of a geometric figure
A formula for the roots of a quadratic equations. No space in between words
A set of elements that are disconnected
X in the expression a^x
Cut into 2 congruent halves
Powers of variables in a term
The distance around the outside of a plane figure.
A u-shaped curve with certain specific properties
Any of the symbols 0-9 used to write numbers
A ratio of numbers or variables