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Bio-chemistry Crossword

Causes a reaction to occur, but not not involved in the reactiion
Present in most organic acids
Their are only 20 know of this group
Excessive loss of water in the body
A hexose sugar
A carbohydrate made of sugar molecules bonded together
A carboxylic acid consisting of a hydrogen chain
Speeds up reactions
Simplest form of carbohydrates
A molecule that can be bonded to indentacle molecules
When fatty acids all have a single bond
Any group in which a carbon or hydrogen atom is attached to the rest of the molecule
Sugars,starches and fibers that supply you with energy
Structure of an organic compound
Sweet, syrupy liquid that comes from animal fats
A compound containing carbon other than simple binary compounds
A compound consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain
The chemical breakdown of an element due to water
A compound that is sterol found in blood and nerves
To destroy the characteristic properties
A carbohydrate consisting of a large amount of glucose
Sugar composed of two monosacharides
A compound of simple sugars
A lipid containing a phosphate group
Fats that are liquid at room temperature
A substance that has a structure consisting of similar units bonded together
A substance incapable of being disolved
A sugar present in milk
A large class of organic compounds with a molecular structure containing four rings of carbon atoms