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Honors Bio-Intro to Chemistry

A structural protein
Gas, liquid, or solid
A chemical substance that speeds a up a reaction
If sugar is dissolved in water, the sugar is a/an
Atom with a different number of protons than electrons
Structural carbohydrate found in fungi and animal cells
The sum of the neutrons and protons is the Atomic --
Subunit of DNA, RNA, or ATP
Compound classification that mainly functions as a fuel source
Bleach has a pH of 13 which makes it--
Structural carbohydrate found in plants and some protists, like kelp
Bond in which electrons are shared unequally
Another term for an Atom
Made up of amino acids, it is a part of a protein
Liquid that dissolves another substance
Atom in which the number of protons is different from the number of neutrons
Nucleic acid whose main function is storing hereditary information
Type of fat that is solid at room temperature, has single bonds, and comes from animals
Positively charged part of an atom
Protein that speeds up a reaction
Any molecule with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in it
Peanut oil, walnut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil are examples of ____ fats.
An example of a carbohydrate
Measure of acidity or base-ness (potential hydrogen)
Substances and hormones such as estrogen, cortisol, and cholesterol
Organic compound that functions in structure, defense, fuel storage, cell communications, and, in some cases, to speed up chemical reactions
Oranges have a pH of 3 and 4 which make them--
This negatively charged particle participates in bonding between atoms
Compound whose main functions include insulation, protection, fuel storage, and hormones
Energy molecule