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Animal Farm Crossword by: Malcolm McField

Teacher: Mrs. Joseph
n. strategy to gain particular aim.
adj. like a parasite; gaining benefits from host it injures.
n. act of eating one's own kind.
n. ardent followers
n. state of being perpendicular, or at right angles, to a specified plane.
v. to instill with courage
adj. untiring
n. those who are habitually drunk
n. an example of evil behavior.
n. scheming actions.
adj. shameful; dishonorable
adj. not inclined to talking.
v. to skip about in play.
n. the act of burial.
v. to request support.
adj. Intended to be mysterious or obscure.
adj. in a manner of suggesting bliss.
n. a group appointed to represent others.
n. the act of directing.
n. outward manner.
n. parasitic disease
n. electric generator