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Calculus Chronicles Part 2

A function with a graph that goes up as it followed from left to right.
The lowest point in a particular section of a graph.
The highest point in a particular section of a graph.
An integration method that essentially involves using the chain rule in reverse.
A point at which a curve changes from concave up to concave down or viceĀ­versa
A formula for the derivative of the quotient of two functions.
A method for determining whether an inflection point is a minimum, maximum or neither
A function made up of a finite number of continuous pieces. Power Rule/The formula for finding the derivative of a power of a variable
A function for which the definite integral exists. Piecewise continuous functions are integrable, and so are many functions that are not piecewise continuous.
A discontinuity for which the graph steps or jumps from one connected piece of the graph to another
A formula for the derivative of the product of two functions.
The derivative of a derivative Sequence/A list of numbers set apart by commas, such as 1, 3, 5, 7, . . .
A point at which the graph of a relation or function is not connected Extremum/An extreme value of a function, the Minima and Maxima
A number which is used to indicate the steepness of a curve at a particular point