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Chicagoland Vampires

Author: Chloe Neill
The patriarch?
A vampire's trusted weapon
A favorite "cat" of Merit's
"Temple" is one of these
Former Second of Former Master of Navarre
A gnomish friend
Youngest Chicago House
The Master's "floor"
They don't think much about Houses
Merit stands _____
The state Merit visited in BITING COLD
Jeff has a small one
Merit's first name
Merit's kind of dance
Widow's _____
_____ Guard
Animal on Merit's apotrope
Merit's RG token
____, it's you
Merit's partner?
He's always on a quest
Third-oldest vampire House in the US
Damien's Pack
The Order's acronym
Where the chocolate lives
Navarre bar
Chicago has three
One of Ethan's sisters
Cadogan's neighborhood
Vampires yet Commended
The only place to get good pizza
Merit's favorite musical?
Read it or beware