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Kansas & the Modern Age

Towns that started along railroads that were where cattle were loaded on R.R's to go east
Portions of land given to R.R companies by the govt. so R.R's would be built where needed
FDR's program to get Kansas and the U.S out of the Great Depression
Man who led 20th Kansas Volunteers during Spanish-American War
Governor of Kansas during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression
National organization of farmers that provided social and educational opportunities
Fought for Prohibition by smashing saloons with a hatchet
First Populist U.S Senator (last name only)
Name given to 1930's in Midwest marked with severe drought and dust storms
Dr. Samuel ___________ advocated for several public health reforms in KS
Served Kansas in both the Senate and House of Representatives, unsuccessfully ran for Pres. in 1996
Largest planned community in Kansas to support workers for airplane plants
Epidemic that started at Ft. Riley, Kansas
City in KS were most B-29's were built
The _____________ System was the largest public works project in U.S history
1st female mayor in the United States
Kansans were encouraged to eat more of this product instead of wheat during WWI
Most famous cattle trail