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AP Calculus Part 1: Differentiation

A function that is only increasing or only decreasing.
-rule. Finding the derivative of the numerator and denominator to evaluate the limit of a function.
Obtaining the derivative of a function.
The rate of change of velocity over time
The value that a function approaches as the domain variable approaches a specific value.
A part of the graph that looks like a frown
Distance covered per unit of time
The slope of the line tangent to a function
The x-value of a critical point. (2words)
-maximum. The highest point in a particular section of the graph.
-maximum. The highest point of a function.
A point on the graph of a function at which the derivative is either 0 or undefined. (2 words)
A line or curve that the graph follows closely but never touches.
A point where the graph has a peak or a valley. (2 words)
-derivative. Gives points of inflection
An interval that contains its endpoints.
-discontinuity. Hole in the graph
When the graph of a function is continuous.
The rate of change in the position of an object.
When there is a range on a function or set of numbers.