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How many Hail Marys are prayed in each decade of a Rosary?
Bishop's hat (crown)
When a Catholic is Confirmed the Bishop says, as he anoints the person with oil, "Be _____ with the gift of the Holy Spirit"
Last word of the Hail Mary before "Amen."
In what manner was St. John the Baptist executed?
The name for the main section of the Church where people sit -- it comes from a Latin word meaning "ship."
According the Catechism of the Catholic Church (#1183), "the ___ is to be situated in churches in a most worthy place with the greatest honor"
In what country was Pope Benedict XVI born?
The Vatican is commonly referred to as the Holy ___.
Candles around an altar, and especially the Pascal Candle, must be made of 51% ____.
Who was the last Pope that was born in Italy? (3 words)
How many Sacraments are there?
Number of books in a Catholic Bible
The Sunday after Palm Sunday is known as...
The Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul and ____ Christ.
Name given, collectively, to the Cardinals of the Church when they gather in deliberation.
Moses received the Ten Commandments at Mount ___.
Southeast Asian nation with the highest percentage of Christians attending Church on Sunday (91%)
According to a traditionally formulary, God created you "to know Him, love Him and ___ Him in this world so as to be happy with Him in the next."
In what country was Pope Francis born?
Old term for Anointing of the Sick: Extreme ____
The collection taken on Good Friday is used to the support the Church's efforts in the ____ ____. (2 words)
If Christmas day is on a Friday, on what day of the week would we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.
By custom, the Sign of the Cross is made with which hand?
At the Council of ___, the Catholic Church addressed issues raised by the 16th century Protestant revolt.
The Pope has the title Supreme Pontiff -- that title literally means Supreme ____ Builder.
Last name of the current Bishop of the Diocese of Wilmington
The patron saint of lost causes is St. ____.
Of the Church's four major seasons, which is the shortest
With a population of over 4,000,000 Catholics, this is the largest Diocese in the United States (2 words)
During Christ's Passion, Pontius Pilate, by custom, was able release one prisoner. At the behest of the crowd he released _____ instead of Jesus
The Vatican City-State is the smallest nation in the world, it is approximately 121 ____ in size.
Apostle with the longest name
Last word of the Nicene Creed before "Amen."
The third Sunday of Advent is, by tradition, called ____ Sunday.
Last word of the Our Father before "Amen."
The oldest standing Catholic Church within the U.S.'s 50 states is the San Miguel Mission in which is in the state of ____ ____. (2 words)
Where Christ was crucified
St. Peter was the first but St. _____ was the second Pope.
Established in 1789, it was the first (and is the oldest) Diocese of the Catholic Church in the United States. And it's not too far from us.
Name of the Apostle who doubted Christ's resurrection.
The first Mass of Christmas day is commonly refered to as ____ Mass.
When a priest is ordained in a Diocsese, he take three promises: The promises of prayer, obedience and ____.
A Mass held the night before a major holy day is commonly called a ____ Mass.
The Pope is the Bishop of ___.
Name for general area of the world in which Jesus rose from the dead -- it comes from the French word for "rising," and comprises Israel, Syria and Lebanon.
In a typical parish, while the Priest may proclaim the Gospel, this member of the clergy most commonly proclaims the Gospel.
In the Catholic Church the Pope is the "Successor of St. Peter" in the Orthodox faith, their leader, the Patriarch of Constantinople, is identified as "The Successor of St. ____"
Number of days of the Season of Lent
According to Catholic Tradition, there are how many choirs (levels) of Angels?