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The Beethoven Effect

Colloquial lunar name of LvB's Piano Sonata No. 14
The subject of this puzzle
Sword cover
Like one of Santa's helpers
Opposite of out
Archaic form of your
Outer layer of the earth or bread
LvB's "Ten National Airs with Variations" are for violin or this reedless wind instrument
1-down is Beethoven's longest work in the choral/________ genre
Single-reed woodwind that was still fairly new when LvB began composing
Fiber of the cannabis plant
"With," in Munich
Beethoven's birth city
LvB's Piano Sonata No. 26 is affectionately known as "__ Adieux" (The Farewell)
LvB was only 28 when he realized he was becoming ____
Hill-building insect
Tiny particle of matter
LvB's art songs of the British Isles, or "______ Songs"
Pitiful nickname of LvB's Piano Sonata No. 8
LvB symphony that exists only in fragments
Relating to part of the forearm
"With," in Bologna
Opposite of off
Meld of two eating utensils
Set of three, or a Russian vehicle pulled by three horses
LvB's music crossed the border from _____ to romantic
See 23-down
Major LvB choral/orchestral masterpiece
"Fidelio," for one
Cafe order
Twirl about
The shorter of LvB's two symphonies in F major
Type of composition that LvB wrote three of for "Fidelio" before settling on a fourth
LvB's last full symphony
LvB's only opera
Popular piano piece that LvB might have written for Therese Malfatti
Residents of Florence
Goethe play for which LvB composed an overture
Petty argument
With 47-across, the name of LvB's impassioned letter about his failing hearing written near Vienna in 1802
American composer Jake who wrote "A Silence Haunts Me" based on LvB's Heiligenstadt Testament
Piece for six performers
Male sibs, e.g. Caspar and Nicolas to LvB
"Lightly," in Berlin
Highest singing voice
Bach wrote hundreds of these choral/orchestral works; LvB wrote four
Nickname for LvB's Symphony No. 3
Subject in which the young LvB excelled
Main artery
Consolidated excerpts from a larger piece, such as LvB's ballet "Creatures of Prometheus"
Identifying number that many of LvB's compositions lack