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Ch 4 Kansas Territory

Supportive of the practice of slavery
The surrounding and blockading of a city by an army attempting to capture it
Missouri settlers who raided antislavery settlements in Kansas
The practice or policy of territorial or economic expansion
The concept that political and legislative power resides with the citizens
Spanning or crossing a continent
Missouri settlers who crossed into Kansas to influence the outcome of the slavery issue in Kansas
A state of subjection to an owner or master
One who chooses to suffer death rather than renounce his or her beliefs
A free soil or Unionist guerrilla Kansas and Missouri during the border disputes
A settler who believed Kansas should not allow slavery
Someone who invests financially in something, with the possibility of gains and losses
A person who wanted to bring about the immediate end of slavery
Relating to the study of the characteristics of human populations
A person who is bonded or contracted to work for another for s specified time
To revoke
Not in accord with the principles set forth in the constitution of a nation or state
Violation of allegiance toward one's country
Opposed to practice of slavery