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First Form Latin (5th & 6th Grade) Unit II+ Vocabulary Review--Derivative Crossword

V. To go out into the world and find
Adj. To be guilty
N. To be without hope
Adj. Being thrown about, either emotionally or explosively
Adj. Uncertain, unlikely
V. To show
V. To wait until tomorrow
V. To look into something
Adj. An answer indicating disagreement
Adj. Tasty
V. To make
N. A request
N. The person who is at fault
V. To turn from one form to another
V. To seize and hold territory
N. A charge of wrongdoing
N. A repeated attack of bullets or balls
N. A thinking machine
Adj. A question
Adj. Able to be wounded
V. To declare an arrival or news
V. To prevent from being seen
V. To be bothered
V. To be in Anticipation