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Martin Luther King

Formally put an end to; to do away with completely - Abraham Lincoln -----slavery.
Lower in rank, status or quality- In the southern states black people were ----to white people.
The formal action or act of ending a system, practice or institution - Martin Luther King worked towards the --- of unfair laws towards black people.
Very strong angry feelings of having been treated unfairly- The black people felt ---towards the government.
Higher in quality; believing you are better than other people- In the south the white people believed they were ---to the black people.
Stay in a place longer than necessary; remain in a place too long- The laws wouldn't let black people ---in front of restaurants.
Public displays of group feelings in support or protest of something or someone - Martin Luther King led --- to fight for new laws for civil rights for everyone.
A minister in charge of a Christian church- Before he was a leader in fighting for civil rights, Martin Luther King was a--- in his church.
The state of being worthy of honor or respect- Believers in civil rights believe that every person needs to be treated with ---.
Strong emotions about something; a strong liking - Martin Luther King's ---was to stand up for equal rights for all people.
The action or state of setting someone apart from other people- In the southern states, the black people were not allowed to be with white people in certain places. They were ---.
Dedicated to a purpose - Martin Luther King was --- to changing the laws so that all people would be treated equally.
Fences or other obstacles that prevent someone or something from moving forward -People's prejudices towards a person's skin color or race were ---in everyone being treated equally.
To give over or leave to the approval of someone else; Martin Luther King----his ideas to President Kennedy to gain his support.
Extremely large or great, especially in size or degree; huge - The demonstrations had an --- amount of people.
Make someone feel admiration or respect towards you- Many important people treated Martin Luther King with ---.
Bring people with particular characteristics into equal participation in a social group-Martin Luther King fought non-violently for ----of all people.
A group of people assembled for religious worship- Martin Luther King spoke at ---sharing his beliefs about civil rights.
Trying earnestly or persistently to persuade someone to do something - Marin Luther King was ---the nation to fight for civil rights.
Gave out; dealt out; handed out- Martin Luther King --- papers that called for a boycott of riding the busses.
Not discovered or known about; unclear
Say something in reply; answer someone- The majority of white people --- to Martin Luther King's ideas in a negative way.
Made an emotional appeal; begged- Martin Luther King had a -----for equality for all people.
Dismiss as inadequate or inappropriate- Many white people --- Martin Luther King's beliefs for change.