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A Scrambled Christmas

A place to live
Opposite of odd
Short, soft hair of an animal
To __ or not to __
Edge, as on a cup
Small shaving cut
Color of 28-across
Bony lower face protrusion
Feminine pronoun
Mid-face nasal feature
Festive circle of flowers, leaves, or twigs
Grab and pull quickly
General Electric, briefly
Something in the way
Support one's body on the patellae
Frozen precipitation
Small replica
Mailing edifice, briefly
Opposite of yes
Clothing over feet and legs
Offered to for free
Emit a light; glow
Made a noise through pursed lips
Lovable Spielberg alien
Mix ingredients with a spoon
Dropped down, like snow
Perfect vehicle for a snowy hillside
Estimated time of arrival, briefly
Sleeping platforms
Opposite of above
Short quick run
Homophone of your uncle's wife
__ be or not __ be
Opposite of bad
Opposite of day
Dangled from above
The night before
Radio broadcast signal (not AM), briefly
Before (poetic)
Hand digit
Round shape
Organ for hearing and balance
In the song, what a little star is doing at night
Green vegetation on trees
Observes visually
Garden tool that sounds like Santa's laugh
5-scross on a human
Like a mitten but with fingers
Opposite of bottom
Thinking about
Incorporated, briefly
Too much information, briefly
Hard outer layer, as on bread
Warm morning meal
Gentle throw
Opposite of big
Down time in activity
One who takes the wheel or reins
Small, supernatural creature
Indentation in cheek
Consumed by mouth
Claus who's comin' to town
A foul ___ is granted after an NBA penalty
Used your teeth
One more than one
Alabama postal abbr.