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Familiar and New: Our OSO 2023-24

Tchaikovsky's "emotional" Sixth Symphony
This Hans Abrahamsen piano concerto for one hand has been called "eerie and beguiling"
Animal doc
Should I stay or should I __?
OSO Artistic Partner Nathalie ____
Fabled Himalayan creature, aka The Abominable Snowman
Uh-uh, nyet, nope
Get your tickets soon for "______ of the Lost Ark" with live music performed by OSO
Person or entity greatly admired or worshipped
"I'll be right here," says this adorable alien above the heart-wrenching score of John Williams
Harrison Ford's _____ Jones was named after George Lucas's dog
Summer beverage, ___ tea
Indebted to
In Britain, it's the boot
Sand, mouse or Venus fly ____
Pianist Conrad ___ performers his own work, 53-across, plus Haydn
One of two symphonic nods to opera music this season, a suite from Strauss's "Der __________"
Region of the atmosphere seen from earth
____ and pieces
Sonic art form
Edward _____'s cello concerto is not an enigma, but a powerful gem
Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone ____
Watch for the pairing of Benjamin _____ and Beethoven next April
Cellist Yo-Yo __ kicked off the OSO 2023-24 season
All notes, except a whole note, have a ____; so does a flower
Japanese culinary technique using batter
Pete Seeger protest song covered by Peter, Paul and Mary, "__ I Had a Hammer"
Opposite of "under"; also the title of Conrad's Tao's programmed work
Beethoven wrote four of these overtures to "Fidelio"; OSO plays No. 3 in the Fall
Possessive of me
It is, briefly
Simone Lamsma and Xavier Foley are OSO Artists-in-_______
Nickname given to Schubert's incomplete Symphony No. 8
Simon Trpčeski performs Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody" based on this other composer's theme
Here it's the OSO; in Indianapolis it's the ___
Adam's partner
Actor ____ Alda
Beethoven's "_____ Overture" was incidental music to Goethe's play of the same name
Composer of "Symphonie Fantastique"
Violinist ___ Shaham appears on the OSO stage in February
A presentation of music
"Trills and ______" will guide the Family Series audience to the ultimate secret
Sopranos, _____, altos
Alexa's virtual assistant "sister"
Maurice Ravel's compact violin rhapsody "____" will be performed alongside Mahler's First Symphony
Dash's counterpart
It was lost, but raiders found it
Principal Guest Conductor Jun ____ offers Berlioz "Symphony Fantastique" in May
Danzmayr who begins his third season with the Oregon Symphony on September 10, 2023
Tōru Takemitsu's violin and orchestra piece "___ Calls. Coming, ___!" evokes the sounds of nature
The OSO offers Music for Families, Add-Ons, and 3 series: Popcorn, Pop and _______
Shakespearian overture by Dvořák
Music Director Laureate of the Detroit Symphony, Leonard _____, conducts in October
One of the original Three B's, Johannes _____, is programmed this year
Unruly crowd
Movie director's cue to stop rolling
Dr. Frankenstein's _____ never had a name
Generic term for irritating, small, and sometimes biting insect
Created and wrote music
David Danzmayr's season opener includes the First Symphony of Gustav _____
Woody and Buzz Lightyear fill the screen as Randy Newman's score to "___ Story" fills the heart
Give up on a poker hand
Choirs from this Portland university perform with OSO this year
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, briefly