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The Complete Persepolis
“To die a ___ is to inject blood into the veins of society.”
“In 1984, I was ___ and a rebel. Nothing scared me anymore.”
Marjane’s mother sews posters into her father’s coat ___.
Marjane's hometown
"___ has a price."
The demonstration that Marjane and Mehri participate in
Frau Dr. Heller accuses Marjane of ___ ___ ___.
Marjane’s favorite comic book
Marjane's favorite actress
Marjane and her grandmother visit the shores of ___ ___ ___.
Persepolis is a ___, or coming-of-age story.
The key symbol of oppression in the story
Marjane’s father drives a ___.
At the airport, Marjane’s mother ___.
Marjane's favorite rock band
Mehri’s love interest rejects her because she is from ___ ___ ___.
Persepolis was originally published in this language
As a child, Marjane wanted to become a ___.
Marjane's parents send her to this country for safety
Anoosh gives Marjane a ____ ___ he made in prison.
The European city where Marjane studies
Marjane’s parents bring her back a ___ ___ pin from Turkey.
The period of social unrest during Marjane’s childhood
Persepolis was the ancient capital of the ___ ___.
The war taking place during the first half of the story
“I wanted to be justice, love, and the ___ ___ ___ all in one.”
Marjane's nickname