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Born a Crime
Trevor runs a ___ ___ “business” with Bongani and Tom.
Trevor is popular because he buys his classmates food from the ___ ___.
The type of car that Trevor's mother owned
Trevor’s younger brother
Teddy is arrested and expelled for ___.
The private Catholic school Trevor attended
Babiki won’t go to the dance because she can’t ___ ___.
“Where most children are proof of their parents’ love, I was the proof of their ___.”
The meaning of Abel’s Tsonga name
“With money, I experienced freedom on a whole new level: I went to ___.”
In Alexandra, Trevor turned to ___ to make money.
“My mom did what school didn’t. She taught me ___ ___ ___.”
Trevor’s first crush
Robert opened an integrated ___ that was forced to close.
A type of story that explores a protagonist’s growth
Born a Crime is written in ___ ___ perspective.
Trevor’s childhood home in Johannesburg
Trevor’s dad Robert was raised in ___.
The system of racial segregation and discrimination in South Africa
The second language Trevor learns to speak
The ___ ___ of 1927 made Trevor’s birth illegal.
Trevor calls himself a ___ because he can blend into different social groups.
Abel’s profession
Trevor’s beloved pet dog
“___, even more than color, defines who you are to people.”