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Just Mercy
A lawyer that represents those who can’t afford one
“...Them without the ___ get the punishment.”
“Each of us is more than the ___ ___ we’ve ever done.”
“The power of just mercy is that it belongs to the ___.”
Ian E. Manuel’s poem
Stevenson's organization that fights for justice
The act of releasing someone from prison
The guard bought Avery Jenkins a ___ ___.
The prison where Marsha Colbey was sent
The judge who presided over McMillian's trial
“The opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is ___.”
Mrs. Williams was at the ___ ___ Bridge in 1965.
Stevenson's law alma mater
The legal principle that refers to the punishment fitting the crime
Stevenson interned for the ___ ___ Defense Committee.
Richardson suffered from ___ ___ ___ disorder.
Stevenson grew up in this Delaware town
The town associated with To Kill a Mockingbird
The hymn Richardson wanted played at the execution
The historic Civil Rights activist Stevenson meets
The number of years Joe Sullivan spent in prison before Stevenson’s help
Myers was ___ into giving a false testimony.
The crime that McMillian was falsely accused of