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Fractions Vocabulary Review

Putting fractions in order based on its size or value. You can order fractions from greatest to least or from least to greatest.
To put together or add together.
The smallest multiple that two numbers have in common.
To make something smaller.
Reducing a fraction to a simpler equivalent fraction.
The bar that separates the numerator from the denominator.
Determining if a fraction is greater than, less than, or equal to the value of another fraction.
A fraction with a 1 in the numerator.
The largest factor two or more numbers have in common.
All of something.
The bottom number of a fraction that tells us how many parts the whole was divided into.
A fraction larger than 1.
To break down or take apart.
A positive number with more than 2 factors.
Two fractions having the same value or amount.
To reduce
A part of a whole or number.
Denominators that are the same.
A positive number with exactly 2 factors.
The top number of a fraction that tells us how many parts of the whole we have.
A piece, fraction, or section of a whole.