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Washington to Lincoln

Name _____________________

Period _______________
The relocation of Native Americans to the west became known as the Trail of _____
Most factories were located in the ____
The _____ Doctrine warned Europe to stay out of the Americas
In 1849 people rushed to California hoping to find _____
The _____-Nebraska Act allowed the people of a territory to decide about slavery
The first battle of the Civil War was at Fort ______
The capital of the United States is?
This invention led to an increase in slavery and textile factories
The Alien and ____ Acts were thought of as Federalist tyranny
______ Destiny was the belief that we had a right to control the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific
This future president became a national hero after the Battle of New Orleans
The _____ was a famous battle fought in Texas for it's independence from Mexico
Many people died on the The _____ Trail going west
Was Florida a free state or slave state?
This Native American guide was key to the success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
South Carolina was the first state to ______
The Indian ___ Act allowed Americans to force Natives from their land
Spain gave up control of Oregon and Florida under this treaty
The group of advisors to the President is called?
The south used states' ______ to justify succession
After Jackson vetoed the renewal of the Bank of the U.S. his opposition created a cartoon depicting him as a ?
Our third president purchased the ____ Territory from France