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Geological Time Crossword

Puzzle Type: Educational
Student: Brayden
Seed plants with a long fossil history during the Triassic Period
Subdivisions of the periods of the geologic time scale
One of the three long units of geologic time between Precambrian and the present
A great number of different kinds of organisms evolved during this time
Includes most of Earth's history
Earth's continents move together to form great land mass
Animal that first appeared during the Triassic Period
An animal without a backbone
Known as the "Age of Reptiles"
One of the units of geologic time into which geologist divide eras
A warm blooded vertebrate that feeds its young milk
An animal with a backbone
Group of fish that have 5 to 7 gill slits on each side
Invertebrate with shell during Cambian Time
Animals began to invade the land during this time
A tree that bears cones during the Permian Period
A vertebrate that lives part of its life on land and part in the water