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Opera here there and everywhere

Bizet opera that opened PO's 22-23 season
Nassief who is Portland State University's new Director of Opera
PO's intimate performance center on the east end of the Tilikum Crossing Bridge
Soprano Beverly, aka Bubbles, who brought the Queen of the Night to life
The Marx Bros. caricatured opera in their 1935 movie "A Night __ the Opera"
Verdi's character Aida is called "a ___ girl from Egypt"
In "La fille du régiment," Maria, the canteen girl, is told she's the Marquise's _____, and is supposed to marry her cousin but then finds out the Marquise is really her mother and then...ah, well, it's opera
In 1504 Michelangelo's "David" was adorned with a copper garland of ___ leaves
Postal abbreviation of state whose capital is Providence
Role created by tenor Peter Pears in Britten's "Curlew River"
French word for black (feminine)
The first ____ in Bartók's "Bluebeard's Castle" leads to the deep red Torture Chamber
One opera company's media blast called "Sweeney Todd" a musical with a lot of ____. Eww.
Produce a vocal sound
Small rodent or a squealer
Antonym of yes
Lead female role in a Peking opera
That drink with jam and bread
Cranberry environment
Actress/screenwriter Thompson of "Love Actually," "Nanny McFee," and "Sense and Sensibility"
Opera or movie house, to a Brit
Leave out
Approximate hour at which one gets to their destination, briefly
Designating a degree and license in nursing, briefly
Homeowner Association, briefly
"__ the world turns"
"Thus," in Latin
Composer of "The Barber of Seville" and 38 other operas
Extended vocal solo in an opera
PO artists take opera out to schools in the "Portland Opera __ __" program
Bound volume of sheet music
Feathered character in "The Magic Flute"
__ be or not __ be
Don Giovanni says he loves to ___ when hungry people look on
_____ room (adequate space)
Bartók's Bluebeard believes life is best when a wife _____ her husband
Postal abbreviation of the Golden State
Leading male role in George Gershwin's only full-length opera
Eponymous water sprite in Dvořák's most popular opera
PDX Venue for PO's large-scale productions
"La ______" (Puccini opera about Mimì and her free-spirited friends)
Clothes worn on the stage
"The Green ____" (prison-based novel by Stephen King)
Nickname of Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe
Distinct period of history
Someone who practices a creative skill
Escamillo's profession in "Carmen" (no bull)
"___ Dorma" ("Turandot" aria made into a pop song by Pavarotti in 1972)
Verdi opera set in Egypt
A single brick in a child's construction set
American operatic mezzo Shirley
Opera seria by Mozart set on the island of Crete
Strauss who wrote "Die Fledermaus"
"____ the Woods" (fairy-tale musical by Stephen Sondheim)
Common abbreviation of "that is" in Latin
Moved faster than walking
Gandhi who's served as Artistic Director of PO since 2021
In "Thumbprint," what the soprano, for once, DOESN'T do
Title character of a Puccini opera who kills Scarpia and flings herself over the castle parapet to end the drama... ah, well, its opera.
Alexander ___ fils, who wrote the story on which "La Traviata" is based
Insect that flies in Rimsky-Korsakov's "Tale of Tsar Saltan"
Breakfast grain
Postgrad who helps instruct college students, briefly
Giuseppi who wrote 28 operas, including "La forza del destino" and "Otello"
Philip Glass opera about the life of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh
2022 film starring Cate Blanchett as a world-renowned conductor
Like William the Conqueror or operatic soprano Jessye
Perch, as on a chair
Tenor Bernard who debuted in PDX in last year's "Central Park Five" and soloed in Damien Geter's "An African American Requiem"
Un-acted musical performances
What someone has when they say "Aha!" or "Eureka!"
Soprano Price
Singing resident of Fleet Street or Seville
Composer of Portland Opera's upcoming production "Rusalka"
The MUNY, the largest outdoor municipal theater in the US, opened with "Aida" in 1917 in __. Louis, MO
"She'll come through; you can ____ on her"
Surface measurement
Lepidoptera character in Britten's "Midsummer Night's Dream"
Nkeiru Okoye's opera "We've Got Our ___ on You" has been called "outrageously oddball"