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Archaeology, geology, and paleontology

Teacher: M. McCarty
_____ documents - copies of a work made by different people which can be used to verify the validity of the document of interest
The study of life's history as revealed in the preserved remains of once-living organisms
_____ test - test to see whether a document contradicts other documents that have already passed the three tests
The study of past human life as revealed by preserved relics
The process of counting tree rings to determine the age of a tree
_____ test - the work must contain either direct eyewitness accounts or a second-hand report based on eyewitness accounts
The oldest age that something can be according to dendrochronology
____ ____ ring patterns - correspond to several years of a given weather pattern for a region
Aristotle's _____ - the benefit of the doubt is given to the document, not the critic.
_____ test - tests to see whether or not the document in question contradicts itself
The study of earth's history as revealed in the rocks that make up the earth
Principle of _____ - when artifacts are found in rock or earth that is layered, the deeper layers hold the older artifacts
The age of an artifact as determined by a date printed on it or a reference to the artifact in a work of history
Calculated age of an artifact from a specific dating method that is used to determine when the artifact was made
A form of ancient Egyptian writing that uses symbols and pictures to represent concepts and sounds
Objects made by people, such as tools weapons, containers, etc.
Emcompasses all scientific pursuits related to living organisms
____ dating - using a radioactive process to determine the age of an item
Distinct layers of rock