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ancient india, greece, and rome

minnie: max
Ruler who has a complete control over a government
Narrow water passages
Members of the landholding upper class
City state
Union with the universe
High city states
A person sent forth
A large landmass that juts out of a continent
Farmers merchants artisans and traders who made the bulk of the population
Watercolor paintings done on wet plaster
Groups of family's who claim a common ancestors
Population count
A picture made from chips of colored stone or glass
Free residents
A raised area of level land
The conflict between the Mycenae and troy
Establishing control over foreign land and peoples
People who gained power by force
To make fun of a society
Wrote the Iliad and the odyssey
Government by the people
People who seek direct communication with divine one
Bridge like stone structures that carried water
Every persons essential self
Areas dedicated to the honor of the gods and goddesses
The religious and moral duties of an individual
Blocking of laws
Fine windblown yellow soil
Social groups in witch people are born into