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PAM in 2023 - Breaking Ground

Like the paintings featured in two of PAM's current exhibits: likenesses or images of one or a group of people
Mark Rothko's favorite color to "translate" into art
An early Lewis and Clark Exposition exhibit was curated by Henrietta H. ___
Opposite of yes
Painter Mark whose legacy will be honored with a brand-new pavilion at PAM
PAM's Pat and Trudy ____ Gallery highlights Native American art of the Northwest Coast
Did Auguste _____ "think" that over 80 of his works would be housed in Washington at 19-across?
Yes, this museum 100 miles east of Portland on the Columbia River has a nice collection of the works of 17-across
Put at the end of a list to indicate "and more"
It is, briefly
Education model that gets a head of STEAM when Art is added
Artistic focus of 42-across, formerly the Northwest Film Center
Amedeo Modigliani is known for depicting stretched or _________ human forms
Acronym for Emergency Medical Services
Sibling of bro
Current exhibit in PAM's Jubitz Center for Modern and Contemporary Art featuring "poetic reflections on memory"
Like suitcases just before a trip
Audible cry of sorrow
Labor union of film and television actors that merged with AFTRA in 2012
"Weaving Art" is an upcoming exhibit at the Jordan _______ Museum of Art at Portland State University
New name of the Northwest Film Center
Alligator cousin, briefly
Nearest airport to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, briefly
Auditorium in the Portland Art Museum complex that hosts PAM CUT screenings
This artist's "Rock of Ages" exhibit runs through March 12 (see 61-across)
Munch, chomp, or masticate
In 2017, 250 prints and ephemera from the Schnitzer Foundation's Andy ____ collection were shown
"__ The People" (see 59- down)
Currently on exhibit are the vibrant colors of PDX artist Isaka ___-Din
One more than one
PDX architect who designed and led the building expansion of PAM for 40 years
Strip of downtown Portland that's been the home of Portland Art Museum since 1932
Problematic rodent or a dirty double-crosser
Opposite of out
Homophones: two, too and ___
You can ___ art pieces from PAM's RSG to enjoy in your home or office
Mom's partner
Cloths of woven or knitted fibers featured in textile art
Silly or foolish
Rooms or buildings for the display of art
A display of public respect, as in the PAM exhibit "Color Line" (see 32-down)
Spoken rather than written
Love or respect intensely
Follows head, stomach, or heart
A plan or drawing rendered prior to building or creating
A painting or artwork applied directly to a wall (Hector H. Hernandez painted one for PAM's Frida Kahlo exhibit)
Color of one of Picasso's early monochromatic periods
Joins two pieces of metal
Pronoun often paired with "her"
"______ Modern," current PAM exhibit of the works of Oscar Howe
"Color Line: Black Excellence on the World ____" is an homage to W. E. B. Du Bois
"___ Come From Fire," Jeffrey Gibson's installation at PAM, runs through April
Feeling of wonder you might experience at "Human | Nature," a current exhibit of Japanese prints
PAM's "Museum Free Day" is sponsored by the ______ Family (the next one is Feb 19!)
Sandro ______'s "Madonna of the Magnificent" is on display through May 7
Technology and nature merge in PAM/PAM CUT's multisensory installation "________." Alas, closing February 26.
Slowly decay or disintegrate from neglect
An early gift from the Henry Corbett Family allowed PAM to purchase Greek and _____ plaster casts
Knowledgeably selected, organized and/or presented
What Brutus did to Julius Caesar in Rome's Area Sacra
The art of 20th-century Native American painter Oscar ____ is currently at PAM (see 29-down)
Five films of actor _____ Swinton showed at PAM CUT in 2022
Technology and nature merge in the US premiere installation of ____ Steyerl's "This Is the Future"
Not dry
Annoying diaphragmatic spasms, ___cups
All of us (see 59-across)
Chicago above-ground train