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MLK 2023

A monument made in memory of some person
The practice of people owning other people
A thought or plan about what to do
A vision created in the mind
A person who lives in a particular place
An official formal public announcement
A set of rules that guides how a country, or state works
The expression of ideas and thoughts
Having serious meaning or worth
When people think that one color or race is better than another
A change or addition to a law
To help in learning how to do something
To do away with completely
An organized effort to change something
The murder of an important or popular person
Relating to matters within a country
A promise that something will be or will happen
To free from slavery or other control
To have faith or confidence in something
Recognized or liked by the public
Freedoms we have that are protected by laws
A person who campaigns for some kind of social change
Everyone has the same rights