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Realism and Revival: The Italian Renaissance

Spanish city and home of the Prado Museum, where you can see Hieronymus Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights"
Filippo who designed the dome of Florence Cathedral
Fungus used in baking and brewing
Catholic composer Thomas who mentored Byrd
Lavinia who thrived among several other female painters in Bologna
Leonardo who painted "Lady with an Ermine"
French word for waltz
Grapes grow on it
Hieronymus who painted "The Garden of Earthly Delights"
"A River ___ Through It"
Monteverdi's "Tu se' morta" is a sad aria, or ______, from "L'Orfeo"
Identification document, briefly
Platform for a podium
Opposite of south
"Dafne" by Jacopo Peri is possibly the first ____
Substance that reads red in a litmus test
Opposite of down
Leonardo painted "The Last _____" c. 1495-1498
Raphael's "The Woman with the ____" (La donna velata)
Nikolaos Tzafouris painted the transitional "____ della Consolazione" (Mother of Consolation) after visiting Venice
Unit of land
Connects the thighs with the lower legs
Grassy subtropical plain
In Italy, "stazione"; in New York, Grand Central ______
One who writes
St. Mark's Basilica in Venice is near the ____ Canal
Sistine Chapel fresco painter
Like the Medici family of Florence, the Gonzaga family of ____ championed the arts
Italian opera pioneer of the late Renaissance
Adherents of naturalism
___ of wine and roses
"Birth of Venus" painter
Choreographer Cesare who revolutionized ballet
Part of the fig tree sometimes added to Rennaissance artworks
Use of extreme lighting contrasts championed by Caravaggio and others
Opposite of begin
The dome and the ___, two features of Rennaissance architecture
Michelangelo's stunning ____ is a colossal marble statue of the titular young warrior
English name for Venetian master Tiziano
Florentine dynastic family that greatly influenced Renaissance art
Late Renaissance sculptor and architect who added massive embellishments to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome
Franco-Flemish composer influential in musical transition from medieval to Rennaissance
Sudden and unexpected
Type of science anticipated by Leonardo's bird observations and sketches
Orlande de ____ composed motets in Italian, German, and French in the late Renaissance
Late Renaissance painter who fell afoul of the law, known for his realistic style and use of chiaroscuro
Giovanni Pierluigi da ______, leading composer of the late Rennaissance
Michelangelo's stunning marble sculpture of Jesus and Mary in St. Peter's Basilica
Native of Venice
Main liturgical service in Western Christianity
Soft metal often used in the creation of yellow pigments and bronze alloys
Wound left by a bee
One of three ships along with the Pinta and Santa Maria that set sail during the Renaissance
Biblical figure whose outstretched hand is depicted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel