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The Muslim World Vocab

the branch of Islam whose members acknowledge Ali and his descendants as the rightful successors of Muhammad
a pilgrimage to Mecca, performed as a duty by Muslims
a body of law governing the lives of Muslims
powerful leader who conquered Persia while still a young man
a Muslim-ruled region in what is now Spain, established in the eighth century AD
follower of Osman, the leader who founded a small Muslim state in Anatolia between 1300 and 1326
an Islamic place of worship
a dynasty that rules the Muslim Empire from AD 661 tho 750 and later established a kingdom in al-Andalus
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1520 to 1566
rebellious warrior and conqueror from Samarkand who crushes the Ottoman forces at the Battle of Ankara in 1402
“overlord,” or “one with power”
a monotheistic religion that developed in Arabia in the seventh century AD
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1444 tho 1446 and again from 1451 to 1481
a member of a Muslim dynasty that traced its ancestry to Muhammad’s daughter Fatima and that built an empire in North Africa, Arabia, and Syria in the 10th-12th centuries
Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Yathrib (Medina) in AD 622
a member of an elite force of soldiers in the Ottoman Empire
a dynasty that rules much of the Muslim Empire from AD 750 tho 1258
an Islamic model for living, based on the life and teachings of Muhammad
a warrior for Islam
Shah of the Safavid Empire in Persia from 1588 to 1629
a center of learning established in Baghdad in the 800s
a supreme political and religious leader in a Muslim government
a member of a Shi’a Muslim dynasty that built an empire in Persia in the 16th-18th centuries
hereditary monarch of Iran
a prophet of Islam whom Muslims recognize as Allah’s messenger to all humankind
in the Ottoman Empire, the policy of taking boys from conquered Christian peoples to be trained as Muslim soldiers
the art of beautiful handwriting
the branch of Islam whose members acknowledge the first four caliphs as the rightful successors of Muhammad
The holy book of Islam
God in Arabic
a Muslim who seeks to achieve direct contact with God through mystical means
a follower of Islam
new capital of the Safavid Empire that was built by Shah Abbas