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The G20 Club

This country's economy is one of the few that grew in 2020, despite the pandemic - in part thanks to its sizeable youth population.
Economists in this country predict prices to increase 100% by 2023, which would give it the world’s highest inflation rate among major economies.
About 90% of this country's population are involved in agriculture, which is a big part of its economy.
This country is the world's largest producer of milk and second largest producer of fruits and vegetables.
Prior to 2020, this member went 30 years without an economic recession.
This country is the world's third largest economy, behind China and the US.
This is the only G20 member that's not a country.
This country has ~one-third of the world's reserves of iron ore, as well as deposits of bauxite, coal, zinc, gold, and tin.
This country has an export-oriented economy, with more than 90% of its trade being under free trade agreements (FTAs) with more than 40 countries.
This country has been in debt for most of the past 150 years, and its northern regions account for more than 90% of its exports.