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history crossword 3,4,5

minnie: max
Local lords governed their own land
The religious moral of duties of an individual
A large land mass that juts out from a continent
A collection of hymns, chants, and ritual instruction
Essential self
Union with the universe
Special regard for cattle
His beliefs led to the religions known as Buddhism
The blending of 2 or more cultures
Numbers based on ten digits
Period of great cultural achievement
Often the most skilled war leader
Chinese scholars turned writing into elegant form
People that seek direct communication with divine forces
One of the twin capitals
The ultimate goal of existence
Buddhism split into to major subgroups
First sermon after reaching enlightenment
The god of war
A single spiritual power
The rebirth of the soul
Rise and fall of dynasty's
Parents children and there offspring shared a common dwelling
One of the twin capitals
System of ideas
Social groups in which people are born into
Seasonal winds that regularly blow from a certain direction
Raised area of level land
Refers to all actions of a persons life