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Global Spooks

An Irish monster known for its loud shrieking to herald the death of family members.
Which monster emerges from the depths of oceans to take down entire ships and their crew?
This aquatic monster hails from the Scottish Highlands.
'Djinns' were popularised by A Thousand and One Arabian Nights. What are they known as in English?
Yacumama is an ancient snake-like sea monster that lives in which river in the Americas?
In Chinese folklore, these animal spirits are often disguised as beautiful women.
Just when you thought Australia had enough creepy things - this Aussie monster's a metaphor for grief.
This Japanese demon has birdlike features and are supposedly enemies of Buddhism.
In Greek mythology, this monster turned all those who looked at her into stone.
What type of animal is the Amarok, a monster from the Arctic which attacks hunters?