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Handel's wettest composition
Energetic, light movement in a sonata or symphony
He could not bring Eurydice back to the living world, in operas by Monteverdi and Gluck
Avant-garde and electronic music pioneer of the 60s Donald ___
Lyric poem to a particular subject or person
GFH oratorio "The ____ of Time and Truth"
Read Only Memory
A set of three in music notation
North, in Paris
Mom's boy child
Eve's partner in Eden
Third president of Egypt, Muhammad Anwar _____
The official story of a life, in brief
Eponymous prophet and miracle worker of massive Mendelssohn oratorio
GFH oratorio about a female Christian martyr
Social rank for whom GFH wrote fireworks music
A person greatly loved or revered
Opposite of start
"Gee, Dad that's ____ ," a cheerful Mickie Rooney might have said
Cook under high heat
A sea blue
Crass and boorish
Live in
Music group or a well-coordinated outfit
A female person admired or idealized for courage or achievements
___ for one, and one for ___
University of Washington mascot and dog breed
Not that one there, but ____ one here
Car and travel association in the US, in brief
A name I call myself, in solfeggio
Billy Wilder's "Seven Year _____". Oh, that Marilyn.
Handel's adopted citizenship
A downbeat is usually this count
GFH opera about oldest son of Cleopatra III
Letters 1-3 of the vocal ensemble singing the "Messiah" in December
Barely make a living, with "out"
Small eatery, often with counter seats
In one of GFH's Italian operas, the act after primero is _______
GFH oratorio Judas ______, the "Conquering Hero"
Location of Handel's tomb
Unbleached beige color
Hymn-like movement in an oratorio or passion
Moderately slow tempo
Portland ensemble presenting "Messiah" this December, first 12 letters
GFH wrote an oratorio of this wise king
"____the Priest," the anthem written by GFH for the coronation of King George II in 1727
Soft duck-breast feathers
Body Mass Index, in brief
GFH character who goes mad for loss of love - in Florida?
GFH is to the Baroque as Brahms is to the ______
The profound lowest voice
Bio after death
Author Gibran
Letters 4-8 in name of choir singing "Messiah" in December, _____ Romana
Jiu- _____, Japanese family of martial arts
Lions and tigers and bears, ___ my
Famous movement in good standing in the "Messiah"
Eagle claw
Want a hard copy? Hit ____
GFH musical drama about ___, hero and son of Jupiter
Popular 1-9 grid puzzle
The ensemble presenting the "Messiah" this December, last 12 letters
The nose is to smell as the eye is to _____
GFH's best known oratorio performed by PBO and Cappella Romana for last 16 years
A note to follow sol
Iconic singer ____ Fitzgerald
"With a little ___ of bloomin' luck," sings Eliza's dad
Mash it for guacamole
GFH oratorio about patriarch _____, father of Isaac
Exam that splits a school segment in half
BFF of parsley, sage, and rosemary
A long, fixed look
Opposite of odd
Cousin of beer
Green gumbo vegetable