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Waldman's Words

Fully aged, as cheese or wine
Harmless bullet
Fleetwood Mac LP
Like Z, in the alphabet
Type of cheese
Airplane seating area
Word with family or career
Roast main course
Most important meal of the day
Grammy-winning .Arie
Varsity awards
Film's East of
Induct, with in
Observes narrowly
Animated aardvark
Group of judges
Fruit a joker might pick up and quip, “Yellow?”
Word before iron or lock
Tiny Greek letters?
Vampire murder instrument
Fingerprints, e.g.
Cyan-coloured Pac-Man ghost
Pretty Woman director Marshall
Actor Rob
Vehicle brands
First w of www
X or +
Nun's garb
Puppet or pawn
Raptors forward Khem
Your current occupation?
Rome, Ankara, Lisbon e.g.
Budget airline
Game with pursuit
Four quarters for a loonie
Brief PM John
Class ring numbers
Actress Tori
Children of Sky and Earth
Knock on the noggin
Webslinger Parker
Famed Soviet projectile
1987 Heart hit
Rear end, in modern parlance
2013 Best Picture winner setting
Coop, corral
June birthstone
Garfunkel’s musical partner
Thailand, formerly
Slow cooker's dinner