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Christmas in Hawaii and Iceland!

The Yuletide Lads are ______________ people who come down from the mountains in Iceland from December 12 until Yule Eve.
In Hawaii, who pulls Santa's red canoe?
In Hawaii, during the holidays, people drive up the mountains to fill their trucks up with this stuff.
This is how you say ``Merry Christmas`` in Hawaiian.
The instrument which is most commonly used in Hawaiian Christmas songs.
In Hawaii, Santa is often seen without his ___________.
The Christmas meal in Hawaii is usually a _________ at the beach.
This Christmas flower grows naturally in Hawaii and usually blooms around Christmas.
Icelandic children who are naughty might find these in their shoes at Christmas time!
This activity is not appropriate on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in Iceland.
Another name for Christmas in Iceland.
The meat which is usually cooked for Christmas dinner in Iceland