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True Worship Will Add To Your Happiness - Study Article 13

Study Article 13

Jehovah is pleased when he sees us use our time, energy, skills, and "these" things to help those in need.
When we study together as a "what", we show a new generation how to develop a personal relationship with Jehovah.
Besides effort, what else are we willing to put forth to share in true worship?
We worship Jehovah when we study his word and __ our children what we have learned.
Abel, Noah, Abraham, and Job, all faithful "what", who demonstrated their love for Jehovah?
With "this" in Jehovah, God-fearing Israelites attended the yearly festivals. [2 words]
Each year many new Kingdom Halls are "what" by thousands of dedicated brothers and sisters?
(Praise our God, you peoples, and let the ___ of his praise be heard). - Psalm 66:8
Jehovah promised them, (nobody will ___ your land while you are going up to see the face of Jehovah your God). - Exodus 34:24
(Set your hearts upon its ramparts. Inspect its ___, so that you may tell about it to future generations). - Psalm 48:13
The quality of our "what" is not the most important thing when singing for Jehovah?
How many times a year were the ancient Israelites told to appear before Jehovah in the place of His choice? - Deuteronomy 16:16
In ancient times, faithful servants worshipped Jehovah acceptably by means of these three features. [3 words]
Through prayer, Jehovah wants us to share with him our ___, our ___, and our ___. [3 distinct words]
(You are worthy, Jehovah our God, to receive the glory and the ___ and the power). - Revelations 4:11
Before we consider spiritual material or are about to serve in the ministry, we always "do what"?
Studying is part of our worship to Jehovah, it  ___ us to draw closer to him. - Psalm 73:28
If we find it hard to engage in some aspect of our worship, we should make it part of our "what"? [2 words]
The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
Our thanks will spring from a "this" as we meditate on Jehovah’s goodness and all the things he has done for us. [2 words]
Today, we can express our love for God when we sing ___ to Jehovah.
We show appreciation for the spiritual provisions we receive by "doing this with" financial support to the worldwide work.
We worship Jehovah when we support the kingdom work with our "what"?
Attending the yearly festivals, the Israelites could ___ rich rewards and broaden their understanding of God’s law.
What quality did Jesus possess that was more than a feeling? - Philippians 1:8
We may not be able to do as much as others do, perhaps because of our health, family responsibilities or "this".
Jehovah accepts our worship if it is being offered with "this". (3 words)
The preaching work gives us a fine opportunity to (offer to God a sacrifice of praise, that is, the ___ of our lips). - Hebrews 13:15
In this article we considered these ___ of acceptable worship today. (2 words)
After Jesus’ death, Jehovah no longer required obedience to the mosaic law, Christians now were to follow "what"? - Galatians 6:2 [5 words]
Coming before Jehovah in prayer requires us to have a "this kind of" attitude.
Today we show true worship not by adhering to a long list of dos and don’ts, but by imitating Jesus’ example and "doing this". [3 words]
What is the result when we worship Jehovah in truth?
Question: How can we ___ our appreciation for the spiritual provisions we receive?
After constructing such a beautiful Kingdom Hall, we also want to take our time helping to "do this to" it.
Before approaching Jehovah in prayer, we should give "this kind of" thought to what we are going to say.
What are our carefully prepared prayers compared to? (offered at the tabernacle and temple) - Psalm 141:2
By speaking appreciatively of Jehovah's marvelous qualities and his works, we are giving him "this".
We need to schedule time to "do this" and study God’s word.
___ wise ___ based on the Bible can help us to draw close to Jehovah which will add to our happiness. [2 distinct words]
Each time we help a fellow worshipper who is in need, Jehovah views it as a "what" to him?
Proverbs 19:17 - (The one showing favor to the lowly is "doing this" to Jehovah, and he will repay him for what he does.
We should feel good about the progress we've made, but also give prayerful thought to any "what" we need to make?
We worship Jehovah when we help fellow Christians who are "what"? [2 words]
Our happiness comes from having the ___ knowing that Jehovah helps his worshippers when they experience problems. - Isaiah 41:9, 10 [3 words]
We must obey Jehovah's "what", for our formal acts of worship to be acceptable to him?
Picture 1: There are various aspects of true worship that can add to our happiness, ___ and forever.
These ones were formerly called Colporteurs.
Hebrews 6:10 - (For God is not unrighteous so as to "do this").
Through our worship of Jehovah, we experience a meaningful "what", where we have the hope of living forever?