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Chef's Kiss

South American flatland nomad
Quiche ingrédient
The Supremes, "She ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ you later", Firstly
A chocolatey pastry
Pledging a mortgage (Tagalog)
South Korean island, Yellow Sea
Hawaiian taro dish
More, when adj ends in y (suffix)
Compulsory labor, as for the repair of bridges or roads; all mixed up
"Triumphal Arch of the Star"
Clapton vixen
Inflammatory neurological disorder of dogs (abbr)
Competed in a marathon, say
Sand thru an hour glass
Secondary or side streets
Uncle Sam identifier (abbr)
Teachers Federal Credit Union (anag)
One being tutored
Avenue in the 8th arrondissement
Gas prevention
Elvis Presley's Showboat Song, Initially
Dept of Def combat logistics support group (anag)
You cannot do it on your way to jail (2 words)
Name Meaning "As Bright as the Sun" (Indian)
Famous chef, 17, 26, and 44 across are nods to his nationality
"_____ and Ekaterina", a Las Vegas, quick-change magic act
Done in a graceful manner
____ Major, the Great Bear
Start over
____ Baldwin
Painful baseball stat (abbr)
Pension (anag)
Nintedo game console
Suffix added to verbs to form patient/object nouns
"____-__ to Office"; data capturing app
Small intestinal roundworm
Academy bash
Stuck on capacity of women
Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association (anag)
College support (anag)
Instagram hashtag encouraging the sharing of positive info
What an exasperated friend might say to Jennifer Morrison's character on the series, "Once Upon a Time" (2 words)
Goes white
Spoken exams
Mammoth to an elephant
MLB 2013, AL defensive player of the year (init)
Luanda is here
A spherical body
Brit, _____ Akhtar named Best Actor for "Murdered by My Father"
_____ Solutions, LLC; Co that equips minority businesses to acquire public funding
1930 Australian tennis champ (f. m. last)
Movie makers composition packing crate (abbr)
Suffix meaning abounding in
Up and running
Shy pair
Every dog ___ ___ day
Infant's blanket, sometimes
Language group that includes Swahili
Gliding ballet step
To plow up as would, el granjero, Pedro
Male molecule
Blue Octagon Sentinel
"Say ___ pwayers, wabbit" (Elmer Fudd dialect)
Braves (abbr)
Suffix added to an adj to express capability
Never sleeps