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Byrd and Besties

Byrd and 3 down were granted England's first monopoly to ____, publish, and sell music
In ______-era England, Byrd was unable to openly practice his Catholic faith
A note to follow sol
Byrd contemporary, Thomas ____, Chichester Cathedral organist (not Tallis)
Densely packed crowd
Homophone of know
Green, oval fruit, also known as the Chinese gooseberry
Portable bed often used in camps
William Byrd had two ____; the second was named Thomas
This fiber is made from the cocoons of caterpillars
Small is to mini as large is to ____
A group of eight
Living thing made up of one or more cells
Gustav of "The Planets"
Sight is to the eye as hearing is to the ___
Also known as, in short
Feminine article in Spanish
Postal code of state in which Salem is capital
Card game or tonic partner
Italian word for "I sing" found in the name of the Byrd Festival chorus
William Byrd could have been cited for being a member of this church
Portland's co-founder of the William Byrd Festival, ___ Applegate
E. M. Forster novel of society in Edwardian England, "A ____ With A View"
Metric unit of weight
Feel unwell
Only one time
Nyet, nay, nine, uh-uh
Byrd contemporary John ____, composer and cornett player in the King's Band; or, to bet on odds
Contemporary of Byrd, lutenist and singer, known for his melancholy songs
City of Angels, abbrev.
Name of era in Britain during the reign of the last Tudor monarch
Son of 40 across and current Byrd Festival choral director
Musical style Byrd embraced and enhanced, characterized by "many sounds"
Byrd wrote Masses for 3, 4 and 5 voices; contemporary Christopher ___ wrote one for 6
Thomas ______ and William Byrd were granted publication rights by Elizabeth I
Emergency Medical Services, in short
Sometimes precedes GYN to refer to a type of reproductive healthcare
Familiar Byrd Festival lecturer from Stanford University, William ____
Byrd's first professional job was as ____ and chorus master at Lincoln Cathedral
You can prepare a nice stir fry in this Chinese cooking vessel
Byrd Festival resident choir, Cantores in ______
The U.S.'s largest Renaissance Fair is held in Texas in this month -- a turkey drumstick is the only bird to be found
Quarter in Venice, Italy where you can sail in a gondola and cross a lover's bridge, ___ Marco
A highly addictive opioid drug, in short
Bacterial throat infection, in short
British Artistic Director of the William Byrd Festival since 2014, ____ WIlliams
Cathedral where Byrd held his first post; or America's No. 16
Large-scale, multi-movement choral and instrumental work, generally one that tells a story
Renaissance English word for solo "songs"; some notables were written by 49 across
Person or thing that is revered or idolized
Family name of father and son, founder and current chorus conductor, of the Byrd Festival
Part-song for several voices, originally an Italian genre; Byrd greatly developed the genre in England
Earl Grey is one blend of this beverage
Bestie of green eggs
Byrd contemporary Thomas ____, theorist, singer and organist
To perform without script, off the cuff, in short
Opposite of begin
Notes proper only to the prevailing key signature are called ___tonic
To catch or seize
In short, Spielberg's iconic alien with a love of Reese's Pieces