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African American Music Influencers

2022 marked this choral conductor's 32nd year at St. Olaf College (full name)
With 47 down and 67 across, British conductor/composer of the late 19th Century, named for a Romantic poet
Choral conductor, arranger and pianist ____Hogan, who also arranged the spiritual "Go Down, _____"
Adam's fruit-eating partner
Fisk College _____Singers first toured in 1871 to fundraise for the college
Buy into a poker hand
Resort offering relaxation, rehab and healing treatments
Spanning several styles, this contralto, songwriter, pianist, and activist, ____ Simone, spent her final years in France
Opposite of few
Music theater genre for 29 across
National Medal of Arts recipient and Conductor of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra from 1980-2003, with 48 down
Select and organize items in an art collection or concert
First African American tenor to perform a lead role at the Met, _____ Shirley
Homophone of two or too
A note to follow sol
Vinegar and ___, a common salad dressing
Jazz and swing singer, _____ "Lady Day" Holiday
Portland composer Damien _____, who deserves the center spot for his "African American Requiem"
Breathe out
Activist, playwright, and "Raisin in the Sun" actress Ruby ___
"And __, an angel of the Lord appeared, saying...."
Spanish or Italian for you
Widely recognized and acknowledged for distinctive excellence
First name: actor of "Glory," "Training Day," "Pelican Brief," and, by his own admission, a terrible singer
First name of 1 down
"___ We Gather at the River"
Baseball's green wall is at Fenway ___.
Soul/R&B artist and songwriter ____ Redding
Sibling of bro
Treble, for one; in modern music it's at the beginning of each staff
Sister ______ Tharpe, Delta blues singer and Godmother of Rock and Roll
West Side Story lyric, "When you're a ___, you're a ___all the way"
Greek epic poem by Homer, "The _____"
See 7 across
Full name of lyric and coloratura soprano who made her operatic debut in 1975
Jazz trumpeter and vocalist who told us it's "a Wonderful World"
Bird's abode
They called him Smokey, a founding member of the Miracles of Motown
Singer, songwriter ____Cooke
Puzzle form with words represented by pictures
Come and __: appear and disappear
16th president, Honest ___
Employ something to accomplish a task
First African American opera singer to be a lead performer at the Met, _____ Price
That extra tire
Art Tatum, Erroll Garner, or Thelonious Monk...each was a virtuosic jazz _____
Sausage entrepreneur Jimmy, actor James, or singer Martin
Blood Pressure, briefly
Ms. ___ Jackson, gospel and blues singer
Past tense of sing
Saxophonist Charlie ______
There is no ____ for the common cold
Opposite of short
Actor's or singer's part in a play or opera
Empress of Blues ____ Smith
State in which Columbus is the capital city
Spend time doing nothing
Composer and conductor _______ Bernstein
Daredevil Knievel
Music professor and modern opera composer ______ Kay
Mama ____ Elliot of The Mamas & the Papas
See 7 across
See 26 across
Contralto and first African American singer at the Met; 48 down called her Aunt Marian
Sauce of oil, garlic, and salt
A tutor who tooted the flute tried to tutor two tutors to ___
"___ Happened One Night," a Frank Capra film
Popular tea brand
___ Turner, Queen of Rock and Roll; formerly paired with Ike
Rapper, music executive, Grammy winner and hip-hop artist ___-Z
1924 song, Tea for ___
A perch for a golf ball
Postal code for state where musical characters Laurey and Ado Annie lived