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Geological Time Scale

Frogs, Salamanders
Flowering seed plants
Eon that we are in now
Egg Laying Mammals
What period did humans appear
Longest Eon Eukaryotic Life Started
What event started the Paleozoic Era
What mass extinction happened in the Paleozoic Era
Turtles, Alligators, Snakes
Oldest Eon 4.6 Billion Years ago
Era that means Middle Life
Rise of the Dinosaurs
Ancient Life Eon
Mammals that give Live Birth
What period birds start to appear
Pouched mammals
Has Fur, Milk for babies, Warm Blooded
Dinosaurs dominated the landscape
Era that means Ancient Life
Naked Seed plants
Era that means Recent Life
Rise of the Mammals
When did Pangea start to separate
What period did the whales appear