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New Mexico During the Cold War

Teacher: Joyce Roulston
Zinc-mining strike against the Empire Zinc Corporation
US defense against the Soviet Union
The key element used in the making of atomic weapons
The challenge to contain communism and promote democracy
Played an essential role in aviation support and weapon's testing
Five hundred times more powerful than the A-Bomb
Trained in the Mercury space program at Holloman Aeromedical Lab
A-Bomb detonated near Farmington, NM
Location of the Trinity Site
Benefits for veterans
Launched fifty-six experimental rockets
Center for space travel research and testing
Denied work in their industry
Played a vital role in nation's defense system
The Soviet Union launched this first man-made space satellite
National project to test A-Bombs peacefully
Discovered a deposit of uranium oxide near Grants, NM
A German scientist that surrendered to the US and agreed to continue his rocket research at Fort Bliss, TX
He fought for the right to vote for all New Mexico Indians
A second research lab opened in NM, SE of Albuquerque
A war to contain communism in Korea
Los Alamos National Laboratory director
Refused to abandon his ranch for a missile range
Served a key part of the nation's Srtategic Air Command;located S of Roswell
Star of Salt of the Earth
Detonated to create an underground heat reservoir near Carlsbad